8m Petrol 6 pack Briggs Kinglift Brick Elevator



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Our Australian made Brick elevators are Powerful, Compact and Economic. Manufactured to Australian standards, it has Long life serviceability with replacement parts that are easily accessible.

Backed with full 2 Year Factory Warranty.

Our TrueBlue range of Brick Elevators is designed and manufactured in Australia using the highest quality materials and parts. We use the latest precision robotic and machining technology to produce our brick elevators to the highest Australian standard.  Our brick elevators are designed, manufactured & assembled completely in-house by our expert team of metal fabricators and engineers. Our TrueBlue range of machinery, including our Kinglift brick elevators is the best on the market and is fully backed by our own factory warranty nationwide. We can customise and fabricate according to customers’ specifications also.

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