TrueBlue Australian Designed and Manufactured Bricklaying Tools

Our TrueBlue range of bricklaying hand tools including our kingclamps are designed and manufactured in australia to the highest quality standards and are made with the input of our engineers, alongside bricklayers with decades of experience to bring you the best quality and designed tools for bricklaying. 

Our clamps have proven to be the best on the market and are far superior to anything available on the market today. We can also custom design and manufacture tooling to any customers specifications.

Assurance of the Highest Quality and service

Revolutionary designed king clamp system with our rubber nylon clamping foot which features throughout all our clamps provides high grip and strength and long life will keep profiles tight and level without slipping and losening. Our clamps also feature ½ inch thread and welded nuts to ensure strength and long life All our clamps are machine manufactured and robotic welded to ensure they are perfect every time. Our Kingclamp tools are all finished in a zinc coating to stop rusting and ensure smooth operation and ease of cleaning. Long life serviceability, High strength, backed with full replacement guarantee
"Awesome machines. Was easy to setup ..loaded up the job in no time."
Michael Layton
Aspec Bricklaying
"Used for 2 years, never broken down.
Has improved my productivity"
Joe Rasic
Nina Construction
"Had the machine customised to our specificaions. Works Great"
Ned Messina
Messina Bricklaying

Nail clamp bits are all made with 10mm nut and bolts to ensure strength of clamping and no snapping of bolts and nuts. Your Kingclamps will always hold grip no problem of profiles
coming out of square.

Profile G clamps are made with 8mm thick flat bar and are machine bent to ensure perfect 90 degree angle to profile everytime and are a short overtop design which enables you to adjust and bring in the clamp on the top steady right in close for those tight and close jobs.

Our Kingclamp designed nail on brick clamps feature 3 clamps in one with 3 seperate sets of adjustment to fit half , 3 quarter and full brickwork no need to buy 3 different clamps anymore also our clamps feature the nail on system with 2 ramset concrete drive pins which has far superior grip and leaves only a tiny set of nail holes to fill in after use.

Our solid bar jointers feature ergonomic finger grip handles that are very good on the hands and also long lasting. They also are also robotically welded and machine bent to ensure perfect alignment and as with all our king clamp tools are zinc coated to ensure smooth perfect finish and perfect joints every time. They are also fire hardened and we also have our jointing tools in stainless steel for the longest life tools on the market.

All our Kingclamps range of tools are manufactured and designed right here in australia by our expert team of engineers and fabricators using the latest in robotic and pressing technology to ensure the best quality tools in the industry

Our king clamps will ensure your job site and work runs smoothly and efficiently every time and will increase your productivity and quality of work.

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